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Why Do I Need A Personal Trainer?

Posted by on September 21, 2011 at 6:31 pm

There have been numerous studies over the years that have demonstrated the many benefits of personal training. One such study compared the results of two groups of participants–one using a Personal Trainer and another working out unsupervised. Both groups were using the same training routines. After 12 weeks, while both groups increased strength, the Personal Trainer led participants significantly decreased body fat and increased muscle mass. Researchers concluded that the success of the supervised group was due to the motivation and guidance provided by the Personal Trainer.

Members that finally decide to join a fitness center are excited for the best of reasons to improve their health, fitness and to shed excess fat. Members are often stressed and lack energy to accomplish even daily activities which exercising will certainly remedy. Upon joining, members are hopeful and eagerly anticipate reaching their goals.

However, unless the member is knowledgeable and sufficiently motivated to consistently work out on his/her own, even in the best member service centric fitness centers that offer multiple consultations with a Personal Trainer as part of the basic membership; isn’t sufficient to get members the results they want to achieve. Typically, after about eight weeks, if the member doesn’t attain the results desired, the disappointed member stops working out. Solution–consider Personal Training!

Achieve Your Fitness Goal in the Fastest Time Possible!

A properly designed fitness program continuously adjusts your exercise routine (weight/exercise/rest period) in order to force your body to adapt to the progressively increasing stress, making you stronger, increasing your energy and improving your fitness level. Your exercise program while important is just a single element in an effective Personal Training Solution which integrates nutrition, monitoring results, behavior modification, and goal setting, along with physical training to design a balanced total fitness solution that will get you results in the fastest time possible.

Learn Proper Technique and Form so You Train Effectively & Safely!

Working with a Personal Trainer is an absolute must, if you haven’t ever step foot in a fitness center before. Even if you are experienced, a good Personal Trainer will ensure that you are performing your workout safely and correctly. Many members that “learn” on their own usually develop bad habits, poor form or, worse, injuring themselves. Even Tiger Woods has a coach! Read the rest of Why Do I Need A Personal Trainer?

Best for Weight Loss — Cardio or Strength Training?

Posted by on September 9, 2011 at 5:56 pm

Weight LossCardio enthusiasts often mistakenly believe that duration training using cardiovascular equipment is the ideal solution for weight loss, at the expense of doing very little strength training. You frequently see these same members that have been visiting their fitness centers regularly for many months, getting on the treadmill or elliptical almost daily, and yet they look exactly the same as they did when they first joined!

Difference between Cardio and Strength Training for Weight Loss

At The Gym, we don’t want the above to be you! So let’s discuss the difference between cardiovascular and strength training for weight loss. To be perfectly clear, our Members should be including both cardio and strength training in their training regimen.  Strength training can be intimidating for New Members, but without weight bearing exercise, you’re severely limiting your weight loss potential. Unless your cardio consists of a High Intensity Interval Training program, your caloric burn essentially comes to a screeching halt after you complete your cardio workout. However, weight training is easily the fastest metabolism booster since your body continues to burn additional calories for up to 48 hours, even after completing your strength workout!

Read the rest of Best for Weight Loss — Cardio or Strength Training?

Welcome to our New Site!

Posted by on August 21, 2011 at 9:16 pm

Welcome to the new The Gym at Elkins Park website!

We will be writing about a variety of informative topics to help you achieve your health, weight management, and fitness goals. Be sure to check back often and let us know if there’s a specific topic you’d like for us to include. To get you started, we have made three posts that we believe you will find interesting:



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